XTRM SNFFR Double Inhaler, S

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Benefits of SNFFR:

  • No contact with aromas.
  • The aroma can seem more intense, finer and many times more relaxed.
  • No skin irritation or redness on the nose or skin.
  • XTRM SNFFR is suitable for all common bottles.
  • Simply unscrew the bottle lid and screw the SNFFR in place.
  • After use simply screw the bottle lid on again.

Supplied size fits a 20mm bottle cap generally found on most UK Aromas.

Thanks to a continuously developed 3-hole system, the aroma gets a more even circulation.
Note: Do not tilt the bottle, the SNFFR by XTRM are not leak-proof. The SNFFR does not need to be washed or exposed to excessive heat.

Bottle not included. SNFFR® and XTRM® are our European registered trademarks.

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