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Master of The House

Spank Pin

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These beautiful premium pins from Master of the House are made from hard enamel. Matt black with a shiny gold finish.

Each 3.5cm tall pin has it's unique number laser etched on the back and only a limited number of each pin has been produced. Find your fetishes or collect them all. Discreet coding for kinksters.

The Master of the House Spank Pin is a great pin for the one who loves to give or receive a good, hard spanking! Wear it with pride as an identifier of the spankee or spanker, because this is your fetish.

The spank pin with master holding a paddle is perfect to publicly express your red backside. Whether you are dom or sub, this pin tells the story of what you want to do when the doors are closed. Or maybe when they are open too! Either way, this pin can signal to others into spanking that you are ready!

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