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Happy Puppy Tail, Silicone Butt Plugs

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What you see here is the 4th generation of Puppy Tail and what amounts to the most researched toy in the SquarePegToys® line. 

Their commitment to delivering the best toy possible at the best price possible with no gimmicks is most evident in the Puppy Tail. Designed from scratch with the end user in mind, most all pups say this is the best tail they’ve ever owned, and if it’s another brand they prefer, it’s likely a duplicate copy of the SquarePegToys® original, just absent the story and community behind it.

The wagging capability built into the anvil base only works with SquarePegToys®‘s specific silicone’s bounce and density. Others copy it by design to mimic a SquarePegToys® tail, but use the wrong type of silicone, unaware it could actually have an intended function.


EXTRA SMALL 4" / 10cm 8" / 20cm
SMALL 5" / 13cm 9" / 22cm
MEDIUM 5.9" / 15cm 10" / 25cm
LARGE 6.5" / 16.5Cm 12" / 30cm
LARGE/EXTRA LARGE 7.2" / 18cm 12" / 30cm
EXTRA LARGE 8" / 20.5cm 12" / 30cm

Pups everywhere that helped in the evolution of this innovative concept throughout those initial twelve years up to 2013 when the final version you see was made, should take great pride in what they helped achieve for their community. My gratitude and acknowledgement is printed on every label so future pups can understand their legacy that is built into their tail, and I support the PAH communities events heartily through financial sponsorship. I’ve added some images below showing the three previous generations, you might still have one of these!

So why is the original still the best?

First off, they work! Squeeze your hole while the plug is inserted and that larger tab pressing on your perineum creates a stop and pushes the plug up and wags the tail for you without… even… moving. Absolute genius. And this works in any position because when you squeeze your hole the muscles pull the plug in, forcing the anvil tip to do its magic.

Also, it’s your tail, if anyone’s name should be on it, it should be yours, not a company logo. Ours is lightly etched into the side of the plug.

SquarePegToys® went through extra effort to make a finished rounded tip on the tail, not cut off like some of the others.


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