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The Headtrap

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Nowhere to go with your head trapped between the bars.
This compact device is a versatile addition to any play space. A removable dual height base pad sits above 4 heavy duty locking wheels allowing you rotate and move your subject. The top of the device is inserted by sliding the twin bars of the H piece either side of the neck. This section then snaps into place and is locked with 4 pins trapping the head between the steel bars.

And then…

Tie off the hands securely out of the way in a variety of positions.

Lock the ankles crossed, compact, stretched out, pulled back or even suspended off the floor.

Perhaps add extra restraints on the elbows, thighs and knees.

You can use any part of the frame to tensions some nipple clamps or a ball parachute or use the seated position to hold in an insertable toy.

Turning the device on its side gives even more creative positions to play with. We have pictured just a few ideas from us as a suggestion 😈. 

The Headtrap’s wheels can also be removed when not needed and the whole piece disassembles into 5 flat pieces which would fit under a single bed.


Width: 45cm
Length: 50cm
Height: 75.5cm

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