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The showstopper of the bunch, Crackers is hardly shy about his appearance.

With an intricately designed tip to a stunningly detailed shaft and base, this is one pecker that you’ll always want to display proudly. Its pointed, detailed tip tickles as you insert it or use it externally to tease your most sensitive areas. Once deep inside, you’ll notice its textured shaft provides ample sensation and its girth creates a nice, full feeling. Bulging out and tapering back in allows you to leave the toy inside for some hands-free fun. Its sturdy, substantial base is coated in texture of its own for additional external stimulation and maneuverability.

Crackers is well suited for anal and vaginal use as well as clitoral stimulation and depth-play. With its strong base, adding a suction cup makes for a fun, rideable addition to your new toy.

Number 5 / Medium (see guide)

Dimensions Small Medium Large Extra Large
Circumference of Head 13.3cm / 5.25" 18.4cm / 7.25" 22.8cm / 9" 30.4cm / 12"
Circumference of Shaft 15.8cm / 6.25" 20.9cm / 8.25" 25.4cm / 10" 33.6cm / 13.25"
Diameter of Head 4.3cm / 1.7" 5.9cm / 2.35" 7.6cm / 3" 10.2cm / 4"
Diameter of Shaft 5.8cm / 2" 6.6cm / 2.6" 7.8cm / 3.1" 11.4cm / 4.5"
Total Length 17.7cm / 7" 21.6cm / 8.5" 26.3cm / 10.35" 32.4cm / 12.75"
Usable Length 14cm / 5.5" 15.8cm / 6.25" 19cm / 7.5" 25.4cm / 10"

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